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Kochav Hashachar

What do I do next?

First of all, thanks for your interest in Kochav Hashachar. We are very excited about the prospect of you moving to our yishuv. As a yishuv kehilati, Kochav Hashachar does have an Absorption Committee (Vaadat Klita) which is responsible to ensure that Kochav Hashachar is the right place for a particular family.

As a religious yishuv there is an obvious requirement of Shmirat Torah U'Mitzvot. While Kochav Hashachar is by no means a homogeneous community, there are basic tenets that all residents abide by, which insure the current and future character of the yishuv as a Torah community.

The Klita Process begins by your contacting us and visiting the yishuv to have a look around and get a feel for the place. This first meeting can be arranged for virtually anytime. After your first visit, you are invited to spend Shabbat on the yishuv for what we refer to as a "Shabbat Klita". The yishuv takes care of all arrangements, including sleeping accommodations and meals.

The purpose of the Shabbat Klita is to give you an insider's look at the communal aspects of the yishuv, a chance to "check us out." You will join three different families for the three Shabbat meals, at which time you will be able to ask any questions and do some investigating of your own. When Shabbat is over Husband and Wife have a private interview with the Vaadat Klita in which each side has the opportunity to find out a little about the other.

Shortly thereafter the Vaadat Klita will inform you of their decision regarding your request to come live in Kochav Hashachar. With a positive response you will immediately be eligible to purchase a home in the yishuv. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to rent an Ashkubit or Caravan, pending availability.

To get your klita underway and arrange a visit to Kochav Hashachar please e-mail us your name and age (and your spouse's), number and ages of your children (if any), your daytime and evening phone numbers and fax number (required if you are overseas) and your e-mail address.

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